Stand up! March on! Reclaim The Night

This year’s Reclaim The Night takes place on Wednesday 29th of November and will see students and the wider community march from Oxford Road to Deansgate. Aisha Akram, Wellbeing & Liberation Officer at The University of Manchester Students’ Union, tells us about this year’s theme, ‘Convince Me Not’.

The heartbeat of the Reclaim The Night campaign is the march itself, which this year takes place on Wednesday 29th of November from the Students’ Union on Oxford Road to a rally at Great Northern on Deansgate. It’s a powerful event that gathers people from all walks of life, uniting under the banner of safety and equality. The march serves as a megaphone, projecting the campaign’s message across the community.

The movement also encompasses other tactics, such as power mapping and lobbying, to create a comprehensive impact. The objective is clear: to ensure that every participant understands the purpose behind their steps. The campaign urges students to know precisely why they are marching – for the safety of women, girls, and marginalised genders. The campaign seeks to foster a deep connection between the participants and the cause they champion through education and engagement.

This year’s Reclaim The Night focuses on lobbying to tackle the still incredibly stigmatised issue of sexual coercion. Many are unaware of its status as a reportable crime. With so many different types of coercion, from harassment to guilt-tripping, lying to fear and intimidation, and how power imbalances can come into play, much of it goes unchecked and unchallenged. The march calls for all to recognise a greater need for signposting and access to support services, improvements to the reporting process, and unity across local charities, businesses and universities to amplify the message condemning this behaviour across all corners of society. By transforming this movement from a University of Manchester campaign into a community-wide endeavour, we want to multiply our impact.

Activist with megaphone at Reclaim The Night

The heart of this year’s campaign beats for more than just the University of Manchester – it beats for all Manchester universities and communities. This campaign seeks to weave a tapestry of collaboration that transcends institutions and embraces the community as a whole. The involvement of local charities and businesses becomes a catalyst, propelling the message of safety and empowerment into every nook and cranny.

This isn’t just about raising awareness but building a movement that transcends boundaries. Every effort is focused on ensuring that the message of safety for women, girls, and marginalised genders saturates every level of society. It’s not just about awareness; it’s about driving meaningful change.

The Reclaim The Night campaign is an open invitation to be part of a movement that seeks to rewrite the narrative of safety and empowerment. It’s a call to action that resonates with individuals who believe in equality and security for all. You can contribute by participating in the march, engaging in discussions, and supporting the campaign’s initiatives. By joining this movement, you become a catalyst for change, a force that dismantles fear and paves the way for a brighter, safer future.

The Reclaim The Night campaign led by the University of Manchester Students’ Union is more than just a single event.

Through the march, lobbying efforts, and community involvement, it seeks to ingrain its message in the collective consciousness. It is an opportunity to be part of a movement that dares to challenge norms and create a world where safety is a birthright, not a privilege.

Stand up, march on, and reclaim the night for everyone.

Aisha Akram,
Wellbeing & Liberation Officer
University of Manchester Students’ Union

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