Yi Fang Fruit Tea at University Green

Yi Fang Fruit Tea at University Green
Unit 10, 130 University Green
M13 9GP
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Yi Fang Fruit Tea

Yi Fang is a popular chain of Taiwanese bubble-tea rooms. Famous for their many London locations, the franchise is now here in Manchester with Yi Fang Fruit Tea at University Green.

There’s a story behind the name: the original Yi Fang was the owner’s grandmother who, back in Taiwan, discovered that overripe pineapples could be turned into a fantastic jam, which, in turn, could be used to flavour a cup of tea. This takes pride of place on the menu but is far from the only exciting concoction: there are hundreds to choose from.

The tea room uses only fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables to flavour the teas, without any concentrated or processed ingredients. Guests can also specify the exact sweetness and flavour they wish. You’ll also find all the traditional teas you’re used to, but guests should really take a plunge into the fascinating world of Taiwanese bubble tea.

The signature drink, Mudflip, is a mixture of tea and sugared tapioca pearls, and when shaken, the visual effect is similar to a lava lamp. This unique visual and taste experience is just one of the many elements that have seen Yi Fang become such a popular destination for tea lovers. The new outlet, a neat and chic minimalist modern space, is located on the intersection of Oxford Road with Booth Street, part of a cluster of businesses around University Green, making it a great place to sit and work or just to hang out with friends.

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