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Right in the middle of the Oxford Road Corridor, you’ll find Umami. Named after the fifth basic taste, Umami specialises in noodles and sushi. It’s recognisable from a distance thanks to their bright red flag fluttering outside and neon sign, where the entrance leads you down to the seating area. This underground room feels like a fusion of a casual Japanese ramen bar and an Asian street market, with a relaxed atmosphere where everyone’s welcome. It’s perfect for a lunch break from work or to get something tasty but straightforward as the menu offers plenty of Asian favourites that are sure to hit the spot.

On their menu, you’ll find classic appetisers like gyoza, delicious chicken yakitori skewers and moreish vegetable tempura. And you can follow this up with one of their famed bowls of ramen or other Asian-inspired meals.

Lovers of South-East Asian cuisine should try the laksa or a satisfying bowl of Thai Tom Yum noodles. It’s worth picking up a plate or two of sushi as well, with freshly-prepared maki rolls and nigiri readily available. Students can take advantage of a discount by simply flashing their student card. No longer living the student life? Umami also has lunchtime meal deals which put supermarket sandwiches to shame. Your new favourite Asian restaurant can be found right next to the Manchester Aquatics Centre on Oxford Road.

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