The Salisbury

The Salisbury
2 Wakefield St
M1 5NE
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The Salisbury

A plaque on the wall of the Salisbury will tell you that the pub once loomed in the middle of Little Ireland, one of the poorest areas of Manchester. Engels said that of all the dreadful sights he saw in Manchester, “the most horrible lies immediately south-west of Oxford Road and is known as Little Ireland. The cottages are old, dirty, and of the smallest sort, the streets uneven, fallen into ruts and in part without drains or pavement…”

Thankfully, things are very, very different today and we’re pretty even sure even Engels would have been happy to head out for a pint around here at the weekend to meet his mates. The area by Oxford Road train station is reeming with great bars like The Salisbury and neighbouring pub The Thirsty Scholar which brings in a massive footfall every Friday and Saturday night. 

What The Salisbury brings to this mix is a deep dose of authenticity. It’s a rock and roll pub that’s also very welcoming to everyone, whether they own a Harley Davidson or not. This charming homely pub has been offering a warm welcome to people coming from the station for decades, and the hospitality is baked into the woodwork, brasswork, and tilework. Here, you’ll always find a solid, well-poured pint and even better company. 

Beers include White Wolf, an American IPA by the Wild Wolf Brewing Company, and Beavertown Bones Lager. There are many more independent and craft beers available. If you’re made of strong stuff and, more to the point, want to drink some, we recommend trying a glass of DV8, a serious stout from the Deep Vale brewery. 

In short, The Salisbury is a warm, cosmopolitan pub steeped in working-class history and hospitality, and one of the best places to savour Manchester’s unbeatable atmosphere.

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