The Gasworks Brewbar

The Gasworks Brewbar
5 Jack Rosenthal St
M15 4RA
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Gasworks First Street Manchester Oxford Road Corridor

Manchester is a town with a deep industrial heritage. Once known for its thousands of smoking factory chimneys and the hoot of passing goods trains over canals teeming with barges, Manchester has transitioned into a business, creative and media city, but a sense of pride keeps as much of the rich heritage alive as possible, and one way this happens is through the re-use of industrial spaces.  

In the former Gaythorn gas works site, the Gasworks Brew Bar is the latest creation of the team behind The Dockyard pub chain. Preserving the heavy industrial heritage of the site, the Brew Bar is famous for its on-site brewery, where your beers are produced with care and attention by expert brewers, who’ve committed their careers to making the perfect pint.  

You also get a pub atmosphere on a big scale, with polished wood and brass aplenty, but with a stylish contemporary twist as the bar draws in worker bees for liquid lunches and Friday night socials. The beers made on site are wildly popular – there’s a whole range of lagers, ales, and IPAs to choose from, guaranteed to light up your night much as the old gas works used to keep the lights on. Spirits and wines are also on-hand if you’re in the mood for something a little different.    

The food here is well-regarded too, with high-end twists on those classic pub favourites. Fish and chips, burgers, and loaded fries are the order of the day. In fact, the Gasworks Brew Bar has become a standard lunch-time drop-in for people living and working around Oxford Road.  

And of course – who could miss the all-important feature that is the Shuffleboard tables. The Gasworks brewery is bringing back this premier pub sport for the enjoyment of Mancunians. Ideal to play with a pint in hand, Shuffleboard is seeing a resurgence to rival darts.  

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