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The Footage
Grosvenor St
M1 7DZ
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The Footage

The Footage is one of Manchester’s classic student pubs, housed in a beautiful old ex-cinema building that retains its upstairs seating gallery. The cinema opened back in May 1915, featuring legendary silent film actress Blanche Forsythe in Jane Shore, and has been an Oxford Road landmark ever since. The most recent version of The Footage is a craft beer pub, that is also a vegan food hotspot, that is also a sports bar with a dance floor. There’s a lot going on here, and we’re sure Blanche Forsythe would approve.  

The main food attraction is the classic Beer and a Burger deal. Don’t worry – you can get your beef and chicken burgers, but why not try one of the deliciously indulgent tofu or halloumi burgers too? Plus there are all the sauces, fries and sides you could dream of. The burger, of course, comes with a beer, and you can indulge in a classic Oxford Road moment by combining pint and plate in the Footage, best enjoyed sitting in the windows watching the world go by. 

You can also get variations on pub classics like Cumberland sausage and fish and chips, plus sharing platters and sticky, sugary desserts. Pleasingly, every section has a vegan option for you ethical consumers out there.     

Beers on offer are all your high-quality household names, with some local contenders from the craft beer scene thrown in for good measure. Whether you just want a regular pint or something more for the connoisseur, the Footage has you covered. Whiskeys, spirits and cocktails are also on-hand if you fancy mixing it up a little.   

The Footage is ideal for students or large groups on nights out and fans of sporting events. The big screen is always up for major events and the staff are even open to showing special events if you can get enough people to turn up.   

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