Seoul Kimchi

Seoul Kimchi
275 Upper Brook St
M13 0HR
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An external shot of Seoul Kimchi at night

Manchester is home to people from across the globe, and Korea is no exception. A picture-perfect description of authentic Korean dining, Seoul Kimchi serves up a selection of classic dishes from their corner-based space on the Oxford Road Corridor. The decor might be modest, with a simple white paint job and the restaurant name in orange capital letters, but those in the know recognise Seoul Kimchi as the place to go for real Korean food.

It isn’t the biggest venue around, seating just a handful of people at a time, but what they lack in space they make up for in quality. The restaurant’s layout is geared around the all-important open kitchen, giving diners a glimpse of the expert chefs preparing every dish fresh to order.

There are countless mouthwatering options when it comes to food or drink. Have a traditional Korean lunch with rice rolls (gimbap), follow it up with a hearty homemade soup or stew with rice, then wash it down with a rejuvenating Dong Suh tea. For a more filling experience, dig into a hot, flavourful rice bowl that comes packed with a perfect balance of egg, meat and veg. And if you’re in a rush, Seoul Kimchi also offer a variety of bento boxes to take away, containing everything you need to power through a busy day.

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