Revolution Oxford Road

Revolution Oxford Road
90-94 Oxford Rd
M1 5WH
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A classic Oxford Road fixture, just a few steps away from the train station and overlooking the river Medlock, Vodka Revolution is the standard go-to for crowd-pleasing nights out in Manchester, whether you’re touring the city or making Revs your destination venue.

The food at Revolution is classic comfort food. Fish and chips, burgers, curries – everything you’d expect from a pub menu and perfect for a sit-down meal before hitting the town. Especially popular choices are the cheeseburger fries – a deconstructed burger on a base of French fries, and the fish finger butty. You can also drop in during the day for a great, possibly liquid, lunch.  

The bar has a fully featured cocktail menu, with all the classics available to lend a sophisticated edge to your night out, alongside beer on tap, wines and spirits. Whether you’re after a pint of Stella or a salted caramel colada, Revolution Oxford Road has got your back. Naturally, there’s a lot of vodka – but they also do everything else.

It’s also worth mentioning that despite all this vodka flowing around the joint and its busy city centre location with lots of walk-by, Revolution is widely known to be a safe place with expert security and a friendly atmosphere. There’s no trouble – as shown by the many students who take their visiting mums and dads here for a quick bite to eat.      

Booths and tables can be booked if you’re a group out for a special occasion, or if you just want to be sure of having somewhere to sit. The dance floor prides itself on an eclectic musical mix, from James Brown megamixes to the latest Love Island bangers. Thanks to their tried and tested formula, the venue has been buzzing since the late nineties. 

All in all, Revs is a classic Manchester night out with something for everyone, from work parties to students looking for a wild one and all points in between.

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