Peveril Of The Peak

Peveril Of The Peak
127 Great Bridgewater St
M1 5JQ
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Peveril of The Peak Pub Oxford Road Corridor Manchester

Peveril of the Peak is named after Sir Walter Scott’s novel of the same name and was a favourite hang-out of Eric Cantona and it’s one of the most iconic pubs in Manchester.

Long a site of pilgrimage for locals, students, and visitors from all ends of the earth, Peveril of the Peak is mostly famous for just being somewhere you can get a really good pint, something that has been largely unchanged for nearly two centuries. You’ll find cask ales and bitters, as well as spirits and coffees and pub snacks.  

The building itself, grade two listed, has a lot for the connoisseur. Not only is it one of the few detached pubs in central Manchester, but you also won’t find another built like it, on an island beneath the office blocks which have replaced its original setting of factories and warehouses. 

Peveril of the Peak is covered with original green tiling, and full of original furniture, fittings, and glass. It has a certain easy-going yet refined feeling that can only be had in a real traditional pub, and Peveril of the Peak is one of the best of those that Manchester has to offer, totally resistant to tacky refurbishments and nonsense. 

‘The Pev’, as the regulars call it, has a rich history – some of it very characterful indeed, such as when it was a brothel for GIs in World War Two, and the reputation in the old days as a fighting pub. Don’t worry – that was a very long time ago, and it’s known now as one of the friendliest and most charming venues in the city. This is thanks to the pub being improved and maintained by the family who has owned and managed it since the seventies. 

It’s easily accessible from Oxford Road. You simply need to take a five-minute walk north from the train station, take a left at the equally famous Temple bar, and you’re there.

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