ÖL Nano Brewery & Bar

ÖL Nano Brewery & Bar
Hatch, Oxford Rd
M1 7ED
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Internal photo of seating at ÖL Nano Brewery & Bar
Ol Brewery Bar

You’ve seen small-scale brewery bars before, but this one is especially tiny. ÖL Nano Brewery & Bar is, as the name suggests, a nano-brewery where you can see your pint being brewed right in front of you. Ideal for the beer connoisseur or for those who like something a bit different, OL lets you really get the most out of your pint with knowledgeable staff willing to talk you through the entire process. If you find the small seating area full, fear not, you can get pints and cans to take away and use the Hatch seating courtyard.  

Being a nano-brewery, OL can afford to experiment. Check out their imperial stout. This 10% beverage is a contemporary take on classic stout beer with a cinnamon edge. Many more delights are in store, with new beers being invented all the time, so be sure to check back.

ÖL Nano Brewery & Bar is a place where you can always expect quality, inventive beers. 

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