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Oh My Cheesecake

Oh My Cheesecake
HATCH, 103 Oxford Rd
M1 7ED
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Desserts on sticks lined up Oh My Cheesecake at HATCH at
© Oh My Cheesecake

You might not have had cheesecake on a stick on a stickO before. It’s one of those treats you didn’t realise you needed in your life until someone came up with the idea, but once you’ve tried h My Cheesecake, there’s no looking back. 

These are semi-frozen cheesecake sticks, with the rich, smooth texture of the finest quality ice cream. They can be enjoyed like an iced dessert, eaten straight from the stick, or you can leave them for a few minutes then tuck in with a fork. The dazzling range of flavours includes chocolate orange, lotus, Eton mess, mint chocolate and many more sweet delights. 

Full of dazzling colours and nuggets of chocolate and caramel, these concoctions are a surefire way to brighten up your day. You can also try their popular cookie sandwiches, which are two moreish cookies layered around a sweet filling. 

Originating in Accrington, Oh My Cheesecake are a must-visit at HATCH, offering great dessert options for those eating big meals at this vibrant hub, or simply a delicious snack for those on the move checking out the great independent street traders found here.

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