Milk & Honey Cafe

Milk & Honey Cafe
St Peters House, Oxford Rd
M13 9GH
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A picture of signage at Milk & Honey Cafe, printed on wood panels
Milk & Honey Cafe

Part of St Peter’s House, opposite University Green on Oxford Road Precinct, the Milk & Honey Cafe is designed to offer a warm, welcoming place amid the hustle and bustle of the Corridor. Because it’s a community cafe, the shared tables are designed to facilitate communication and networking, and much of the baking is done by volunteers.

Here you’ll find interesting individuals on various missions of mercy, instigators of interfaith initiatives, and many scholars of scripture. It’s also a great place just to sit and do some work on your laptop. Milk & Honey Cafe is an ideal rest stop for visitors to the Oxford Road Corridor, popular with students, workers and academics.

The Milk & Honey Cafe specialises in organic and ethically sourced food, serving breakfast through to lunch via coffee and exquisite homemade cakes. The coffee, in various forms, from Americano to latté and all points in between, is supplied by Manchester’s famous Second City Coffee brewing company and supports their efforts to bring fair-trade coffee to the UK.

Breakfasts are based around the frittata, and mains focus on hearty vegetarian soups and mezze with homemade hummus. The Manchester veg soup is particularly noteworthy, made from vegetables harvested by the Manchester Veg People co-operative. It’s 100% fresh, 100% seasonal, and has the smallest carbon footprint good intentions can buy.

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