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Miami Ice
HATCH, 103 Oxford Rd
M1 7ED
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Miami Ice Hatch Manchester
Jody Hartley

Miami Ice is one part beach bar and one part nightclub with a shot of hidden Tiki Bar and a big shake of the 1980s. All this can be found within fantastically lit neon shipping containers at Hatch. A great choice for those looking for unique cocktails and a wide selection of rums.

Hatch is a pretty unique space in Manchester, a large number of concentrated bars and street food vendors mean you can get pretty much anything and keep everyone in your group happy. For beer, there’s ÖL Nano Brewery & Bar, Hatch Tavern has the best wine and gin selection, but Miami Ice is the best choice for cocktails.

From the menu of twelve specialist cocktails, you can choose from classics like Negroni and Pino Colada. Our recommendation is the Pineapple Rum Old Fashioned. There are alcohol-free drinks as well as a small selection of beer, wine and other bar favourites. You find some great seasonal offers here too like 2 for £10 cocktails on weekdays.

Oh yes, and if that wasn’t enough, Miami Ice also has a hidden Tiki Bar for you to discover.

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