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Kro Bar
325 Oxford Road
M13 9PG
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External shot of Kro Bar with people drinknig outside
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The Kro Bar, situated opposite the University of Manchester‘s Students’ Union, in a stunning Grade II listed building is a Danish bar and café serving Danish food and drinks, with gig nights, quiz nights and a comedy night. ‘Kro’ is the word to describe a Danish village pub, offering good food, good beer and a warm welcome.

Authenticity and quality is guaranteed by the owners, the Ruby family, who are originally from Jutland, with father and son Borge and Mak both being chefs with outstanding culinary c.v.s. Borge was formerly manager at the ground-breaking Danish Food Centre which used to be on Manchester’s Cross St., and son Mak worked on the QE2, before they established Kro in 1999.

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