Junkyard Golf Manchester

Junkyard Golf Manchester
2 First St, Manchester
M15 4RP
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Brightly coloured decor of Junkyard Golf Club

Remember crazy golf at the seaside when you were a kid? Southport, Blackpool, Butlin’s? Okay, take that, turn everything up to eleven, and make it into a bar. Junkyard Golf, located at First Street offers three certifiably insane golf courses to try your luck on. ‘Gary’ is themed around scrapyards and car wrecks, ‘Pablo’ is set in a deadly jungle with haunted ruins and guerrilla warfare, and our personal favourite, ‘Bozo’, is set in a dark carnival where sinister clowns run amok.

Noisy, crude, and in questionable taste, Junkyard Golf is the ultimate post-work drinks venue. It also makes a great laugh a minute ice-breaker for those Tinder dates where you need to get over the weirdness quick smart.

The drinks menu features a broad selection of draught and bottled beers, spirits, and alcoholic slushies, but really comes into its own with the famous cocktails. Each of these has a hilariously punning title, such as Tropic Like It’s Hot and Jaffa the Put, and there’s nothing quite like relaxing at a golf course with a cocktail whilst a crazy clown tries to stop you from getting a hole in one. For a light-hearted night of hilarity, look no further than Junkyard Golf.

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