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Johnny Roadhouse Music
123 Oxford Rd
M1 7DU
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External shot of signage outside of Johnny Roadhouse Music

Oxford Road Corridor has a strong musical pedigree, so it’s fitting that Johnny Roadhouse, the family-run musical instrument superstore of Manchester legend, can be found here. Established over 60 years ago by the world-renowned saxophonist of the same name, and run today by his son, also John Roadhouse, they can count Oasis and Paul McCartney and other music celebrities amongst their customers. They offer an amazing range of musical products, together with unrivalled expert customer service.

The shop spans three large floors. On the ground floor is the Guitar Shop; with acoustic and electric guitars, strings, tuners, amps, effects pedals and much more. They always have a big range of new guitars in stock, as well as second-hand instruments and rarities,

In the basement is the Drum Shop, where drummers are welcome to try out full kits along with a huge range of cymbals, snares, timbales, djembes, congas, bendirs and many more.

On the top floor is the folk and world department with new and vintage instruments and accessories, as well as the Manchester branch of Hobgoblin Traditional Music. The top floor also houses an extensive Brass and Woodwind department.

Whatever you’re looking for, musically, the experts at Johnny Roadhouse are uniquely equipped to help you find it.

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