Indian Tiffin Room

Indian Tiffin Room
2 Isabella Banks Street, First Street
M15 4RL
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internal shot of the brightly coloured decor at indian tiffin room on first street

Tiffins are a well-known way of getting a homemade packed lunch delivered to you in India. Forget the apps, this is the perfect way of getting your afternoon fill right to your desk. Based on First Street, Indian Tiffin Room brings that same feeling to the Oxford Road Corridor: food that has lovingly been made at home in the comfort of their restaurant on First Street. The choices range from easily recognisable street food to dishes you’d only find in a tiffin box in India. 

Photo of a meal at Indian Tiffin Room


If you’ve never tasted an authentic stuffed dosa, you’re in for a treat. These hearty crepes are wildly popular for a reason, being both filling and wonderfully satisfying. But there are plenty more familiar options too. Butter chicken, chicken biryani and freshly grilled kebabs are just some of the iconic dishes that the Indian Tiffin Room serves to packed crowds night after night. 

And those with a sweet tooth will find plenty to enjoy with the selection of traditional desserts, particularly their gulab jamun: deep-fried milk dumplings enriched with a rose-infused syrup. If you want the authentic tiffin experience, they’re also available for takeaway and delivery, living up to the tiffin name.

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