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I Knead Pizza
HATCH, 103 Oxford Rd
M1 7ED
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A pizza from I Knead Pizza
I Knead Pizza

I Knead Pizza began in 2015 when owner Paul was frustrated with his then day job. He spent that energy on learning to make high-quality pizza, and it certainly paid off, both for him and the people of Manchester. These pizzas, known as some of the best in Reddish, have now arrived at Oxford Road’s Hatch marketplace. 

Rolling out of a real wood-fired oven in a smoky style, these are generous, Neapolitan style pizzas on soft, doughy bases, thick with tomato puree and real Italian meats and cheeses taken directly from the source. The pepperoni and chilli option is especially popular for its sharp tang and welcoming warmth.  

I Knead Pizza’s Neapolitan creations are ideal to go along with drinks at Hatch’s great selection of bars. It’s well worth following them on your social feeds to get the latest updates about new recipes and specials.

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