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Hatch summer party

Found on Oxford Road, beneath the Mancunian Way flyover, Hatch is a thriving startup settlement made of shipping containers and repurposed industrial parts. Within these walls, there’s a courtyard full of people who love independent food, drink, and retail, and a dizzying array of outlets more than happy to cater for them.

Hatch is a meeting place for small businesses that like pushing boundaries, bringing entirely new experiences and products to Manchester. Drawn by the city’s independent spirit, these entrepreneurs and connoisseurs serve up food from all over the world and trade in products you won’t find anywhere else. 

In the courtyard area, you’ll find cafe seating, a dance floor, and a stage for live music events. Hatch is designed for mixed-use, combining street food and sit-down meals with quality drinking and nights out. And it’s always friendly and welcoming – this is a destination for interested, creative people who want to explore. The wealth of green spaces and calming, stylish decor help to create just the right kind of festival atmosphere.

Hatch is operated by public-spirited property developers Bruntwood, who offer cheap rents to traders who commit to ethical and independent products. In this guide, we’ll look at some of the permanent fixtures, but keep in mind, there are new vendors and traders moving in all the time.  

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