Grandad’s Sausages

Grandad’s Sausages
HATCH, 103 Oxford Rd
M1 7ED
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A sausage barmcake at Grandad's Sausages at HATCH
© Grandad's Sausages

Operated by two brothers from Bury, Grandad’s Sausages is based quite literally on their grandfather’s sausage recipe. The street food outlet at HATCH is the latest version of the business, which has been operating in one way or another for the past fifty years. 

The various sausages are served in a brioche bun, heaped with all the salad and sauce options you could ask for, and come with classic chips and wooden forks. Notably, there are beer onions – onions fried in beer, that taste just as good as that sounds. The spicy options are great for those who like a touch of heat, so be sure to give the sriracha mayo, spicy ketchup, roquito peppers and jalapenos a whirl if you like your food with a kick.  

While some street food traders can try a little too hard to be modern and fancy, the food here is a refreshing change, serving up sausages full of old-time hearty goodness. Using recipes based on decades of experience, you can rest assured the chefs know what they’re doing. Not only this, they’re remarkably affordable and make a great accompaniment to a round of beers.

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