1 St Peter's Square, Oxford Road
M1 5AN
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Chefs working at San Carlo Fumo

Fumo is an Italian restaurant, bar and grill from the award-winning culinary experts behind San Carlo, based in the 1 St Peters Square building on Oxford Street. 

Fumo runs on the Robata charcoal flaming grill, a world-famous piece of kit known to produce the most succulent grilled meat dishes. With this sacred instrument on their premises, the Fumo team are confident you’ll love their steak and seafood dishes. Alongside these next-level smoke-infused dishes, a wide range of classic Italian meals are available too.  

Some of the most popular and praised dishes include the Tuscan fennel sausage, served with friarielli (Italian broccoli), and the mighty tomahawk, a stunning boned steak for two. The whole seabass with gremolata dressing is a must for seafood lovers. The smoke does exciting things to these familiar flavours, transforming them into something fresh and exciting, no matter how many times you’ve enjoyed these dishes before. 

It’s worth taking a deep dive into the starters and small plates too. In particular, there’s a beautiful hand-picked crab salad, not to mention an exclusive cured meat platter, full of high-end meats sourced from the best Italian providers. There’s also a full menu of pasta, with different ravioli and penne dishes. The oysters are a special item by themselves, impossibly fresh and served in tabasco and red wine vinegar. 

An outside terrace and mezzanine floor give two different exquisite environments to savour the fine food, whether it’s outdoor dining in the summer sunlight or watching the world go by from the gallery. 

Fumo is popular with the theatre crowd, and then at the weekend turns into an urban evening hangout, with a marble-topped bar over which pass many designer cocktails, to a soundtrack provided by Fumo’s own expert DJs. 

Follow those aromatic smoke signals and head down to Fumo if you want a smoky slice of hearty Italian cuisine in a sophisticated atmosphere. 

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