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Food at FUKU at HATCH
© FUKU via Facebook

FUKU is a much-loved independent Asian fusion cuisine restaurant, now operating out of HATCH. As owner Anna Sung says, it’s not just a business, it’s a life-consuming hobby and art.

Inspired by a rich history of recipes passed down through the family and drawing on a range of Asian countries, traditions, and cultures, FUKU takes the very best culinary ideas the east has to offer and plates it up for you in a laid-back street food format. 

From fried chicken bites with hot mayonnaise to sweet chilli sea bass, from ultra-spicy noodles to a thick katsu curry, you’ll find a wide range of delicious dishes here at FUKU. Prawns, chilli and chicken are common ingredients but look out for beef, pork, and tofu creations as well.

And best of all, those rich, spicy flavours make it an excellent accompaniment to a round of beers as part of a night out with friends.

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