Confucius Institute University of Manchester

Confucius Institute University of Manchester
180 Waterloo Place, Oxford Road
M13 9GP
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A stock photo of a chinese lantern to represent Manchester's Confucius Institute
Photo by Kevin Malik from Pexels

Confucius Institute is a partnership between The University of Manchester, the Chinese International Education Foundation and Beijing Normal University, the Oxford Road Corridor is the proud home to the second Confucius Institute to be established in the UK.

Each institute serves its community in a different way. Here in Manchester, the focus is on four key areas:

  • Chinese Learning, Teaching and Testing
  • Promotion of Contemporary China
  • Education Exchange
  • Engagement with China

The main purpose of the Confucius Institute is the teaching of Chinese language through a mix of evening classes, school partnerships and teacher training programmes. Secondly, they aim to encourage a broader and deeper understanding of Chinese culture and contemporary China through a vibrant public events programme.

Over the last decade, they have taught thousands of students, built links with over thirty schools in the region and worked with major cultural festivals all over the city, establishing ourselves as a centre for Chinese language teaching and a hub for Chinese culture in the North West.

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