Adam Reid at The French

Adam Reid at The French
The Midland Hotel, Peter Street
M20 2DS
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An image of a dish at Adam Reid at The French

Some hotels have a reputation for quality, and The Midland is no exception. It’s renowned for both its impeccable customer service and beautiful listed building. Inside, you’ll also find The French, the in-house restaurant run by the acclaimed chef Adam Reid. Adam Reid at The French is the perfect treat for a special occasion or to experience Manchester’s fine dining scene at its best. 

Since Adam Reid took charge in 2016, he has received countless accolades, including being classed as one of The Good Food Guide’s top 20 restaurants. The kitchen uses exclusively fresh and seasonal ingredients, with a particular focus on locally sourced produce. The restaurant’s luxurious booths have a movie set feel, ideal for experiencing the various inspired courses and specially paired wines. 

The menu at Adam Reid at The French often offers fresh seafood caught that day, along with unique desserts such as the memorable baked chamomile custard with green rhubarb and green apple. You’ll find The Midland in all its glory opposite Central Library at the top of the Oxford Road Corridor, serving as the focal point for Manchester both in terms of location and the city’s fantastic food scene.

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