Oxford Road Corridor have partnered with Jonathan Schofield, arguably Manchester’s finest tour guide to take you on a fascinating and often exclusive journey through our districts and universities.

“Jonathan Schofield is the best if you love Manchester, or are just visiting: book on one of his tours, his passion and knowledge of Manchester is unbelievable. (I) could listen to him for hours.”

Win Edmondson, 31 May 2019

Tours are free but limited, if you would like to attend please fill in the contact form below with the title of the tour you wish to attend, how many tickets you would like (maximum 5 per person) and your contact details.

Tour Dates & Times:

Secrets of the Universities and Oxford Road Corridor: Sunday 29th March, 3pm – 5pm

The Incredible Interiors of Oxford Road Corridor: Thursday 2nd April, 1pm – 3pm

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