The Oxford Road Corridor location is a 1 square mile area south of Manchester city centre. It is accessible to 6 million people within 1 hour drive and 3 million people via public transport.

There are 3 train stations in the area: Piccadilly, Oxford Road and Deansgate, and the city’s international airport is just 10 miles away.  It is served by one of the busiest bus routes in Europe, the city’s Metrolink system and over 500,000 cycle journeys take place each year along Oxford Road since the introduction of Dutch-style cycle lanes in 2017. 

The area is home to 42,000 residents, 74,000 students, including over 16,000 international students adding to the distinctive and diverse character of the area.  There are 79,000 people that work on the Corridor and each year over 2 million visitors enjoy the wide-range of cultural attractions.