June 2017

FutureEverything new art commission for Manchester by emerging artist Naho Matsuda – every thing every time

FutureEverything has this week unveiled a new art commission by emerging artist Naho Matsuda for CityVerve, titled every thing every time.

“every thing every time is a piece of real-time digital writing, which is drawing from the many ‘things’ and ‘events’ and changes of ‘status’ that are constantly happening in Manchester,”

“In every thing every time I have turned these data streams into narratives formatted as poems, that are stripped from their location information and any data transmitting purpose. Smart information becomes impractical poetry.”

Naho Matsuda, Artist

emerging artist Naho Matsuda for CityVerve, titled every thing every time.

Naho Matsuda, is one of seven artists selected as part of FutureEverything’s talent development and commissioning scheme FAULT LINES. The first piece of artwork unveiled for the scheme is for Manchester’s CityVerve, and responds to the development of smart cities and the Internet of Things. FAULT LINES is supported through an Arts Council England Ambition for Excellence award.

every thing, every time uses Internet of Things technology, drawing from existing open datasets, as well as new data deployed by CityVerve, the UK’s demonstrator for smart cities. The datasets are translated into words, poetic phrases which together offer a glimpse into the ubiquity of technology in urban space.

Led by Manchester City Council, CityVerve is an outstanding line-up of 21 organisations from the public, corporate, SME and academic worlds, who have united to transform the city and create endless possibilities for the people that live and work there, a smart, innovative, inspiring Manchester. Naho’s digital art installation is one of the many  transformations being implemented by CityVerve in Manchester. The CityVerve partners include FutureEverything, Manchester Science Partnerships, the University of Manchester, Cisco and BT.

every thing every time aims to re-evaluate the value of data and the meaning of connectivity in the ‘connected city’. The written, poetic narrative will emerge from the data from the urban environment in real time, stripped from its context and its practical purpose, every thing every time will appear across several public locations on Manchester’s Oxford Corridor, creating new connections in a familiar space.