Yasmin Williams & Gwenifer Raymond at YES

Yasmin Williams & Gwenifer Raymond
22nd June 2022

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Yasmin Williams & Gwenifer Raymond

With a sound described as “textured, harmonious soundscapes”, Yasmin Williams is an American finger-style composer and guitarist who plays guitar, harp-guitar, and other instruments such as kalimba, in solo performances. Williams plays the guitar in an inventive way, tuning the strings to be in harmony and then playing it a bit more like a piano with lots of fingerpicking while the guitar sits in her lap.

Gwenifer Raymond is also a multi-instrumentalist, picking up the guitar aged 8 and spending her youth in and out of various punk bands in Wales. Inspired by pre-war blues and Appalachian folk, Raymond has gone on to carve out her own unique American primitive sound.

This double headliner tour at YES is an excellent opportunity to see Yasmin Williams & Gwenifer Raymond, two brilliant musicians up close.

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