Written in the Stars: The Story of the Universe at The Old Abbey Taphouse

Written in the Stars: The Story of the Universe
The Old Abbey Taphouse
22nd May 2023

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Understanding the Universe, nature’s most intricate and beautiful puzzle, is an endless source of inspiration for us. How and when did everything get here? Why do we see stars and galaxies in the night sky and what else is there? Do we even understand if it’s… real? Join Manchester’s finest Astrophysicists for an evening of wonder as they explain all this and more, in the story of the Universe!

Edo Altamura (Research Associate, Cosmology, The University of Manchester)
Is the Universe we live in the result of a simulation? Assuming the Universe we observe is real, can we better understand it by simulating a ‘fake’ Universe? Our discussion will highlight how crucial numerical simulations are in today’s astrophysics and cosmology research and what challenges must be overcome to produce universes that are as realistic as possible using the most advanced supercomputers. Tune in and join our journey through the evolution of galaxies, the cosmic web, cutting-edge supercomputers and, more generally, how we can digitally create a universe in a box.

Katrine Alice Glasscock (PhD Student, Cosmology, The University of Manchester)
One of the most captivating stories is how everything has formed from nothing into something. In cosmology this is the story of structure formation; how the complex structures we see today formed from the very simple universe right after the Big Bang. With time, tiny differences have grown into a vast cosmic web determining where structures grow. Measuring the Cosmic Microwave Background has improved our understanding, but a significant gap remains. In the dark ages before stars, clouds of neutral hydrogen formed and glowed dimly, allowing us to access this hidden information of our universe.

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