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Workshop: Data Management for Materials Researchers at University of Manchester

Workshop: Data Management for Materials Researchers
University of Manchester
14th January 2022

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Workshop: Data Management for Materials Researchers

Chairs: Prof João Fonseca, Dr Chris Race

Moderators: Dr Kathy Christofidou and Dr Ed Pickering

Venue: Royce Hub Building and Virtual

This event is aimed at materials science researchers (from any discipline) who collect, store, analyse and share experimental data associated with their samples: e.g., optical images, SEM images, property measurements, etc. The workshop will share examples of best practice and current initiatives in the area, and begin to formulate a list of actions to enable better data management practices.

Changing data management and sharing culture requires the involvement of everyone in the community. Accordingly, this meeting is open to all, at all stages of their career, from all institutions and backgrounds. All discussions will be moderated to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to contribute (as time permits), and that no group of individuals dominates the discussion. We particularly value contributions from those who have not previously been involved in shaping policy in this area.

The workshop format is based around discussions of questions, which will be stimulated by short talks from speakers.

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