Wiki at Yes

Wiki has become a fixture of New York City Hip Hop since, at 17 years old, he co-founded the boundary defying group Ratking, whose aggressive style represented a new generation of city kids and artists, hungry for innovation and raw energy. He makes music and art inspired by New York’s people, culture and history, while also incorporating different perspectives from his travels abroad. In particular, his New York to London connections with artists like Sub Luna City and Skepta led Wiki to see and create beyond the traditions of American hip hop. When painting lyrical pictures of New York scenes one gets a sense of Wiki’s skill as a story teller and visionary. Based on human experiences as much as personal experience, his work analyzes life and the world around us on a fundamental level in an attempt to find some truth. Over the course of his participation in Ratking, and his 4 studio albums, he has solidified his role in carrying the torch for NYC’s master MC’s; representing for the freaks, wierdos and underbelly culture.

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