we were promised honey! at HOME

we were promised honey!
7th June 2023 – 10th June 2023

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we were promised honey

“The show that we’re about to do is a story of the future. The story we’re going to tell is the story of us. I’m going to tell you this now: it doesn’t have a happy end.”

A lone performer tells the story of the future of the audience; what’s going to happen to them in the decades, centuries, millenia after the end of this show. It’s the story of a baby born in a lighthouse, of someone on fire in the middle of the desert, of two lovers reunited in a flooded city, of aspaceship on the edge of a black hole. Everything has already been decided. This is the story of the end.

From the makers of Five Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist and the accident did not take place comes an act of communal storytelling.

A hopeful, hopeless prophecy for earth and humankind. A story of us, our future, of paradise and how we get there in the end.

Total Theatre Award Winner 2017
Total Theatre Award Nominee 2019


Winners of the Total Theatre Award for Emerging Artist 2017, YESYESNONO is concerned with exploring the potential of theatre as a democratic space and exploring what that space might look like. They have been to HOME many times with productions ‘Five Encounters on a Site Called Craigslist’, ‘(Insert Slogan Here)’ and ‘The Accident Did Not Take Place’.

Lead artist Sam Ward was previously Resident Assistant Director at HOME.

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