Trans Healthcare – Possible Futures at International Anthony Burgess Foundation

Trans Healthcare – Possible Futures
International Anthony Burgess Foundation
7th June 2022

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Join the Centre for New Writing for a roundtable discussion with guest contributors from a range of organisations, networks, and creative practices, including Shash Appan (Trans Aid Cymru, Trans Safety Network), Nico Dhillon (Community Organising Coordinator, LGBT Foundation), Yvy DeLuca (writer, performer and activist, and author of Tainted Beauty), Jack Tielemans (trans programmer at The Proud Trust), and Jordan Osserman (University of Essex/’Waiting Times’ project).

Speakers include Shash Appan, co-founder of Trans Aid Cymru, Nico Dhillon, Community Organising Coordinator at LGBT Foundation, Yvy ‘The BollyWitch’ DeLuca, author of Tainted Beauty – The Memoir of an Authentic Creation, Jack Tielemans, programme manager at The Proud Trust, and Jordan Osserman, Lecturer in the Department of Psychosocial and Psychoanalytic Studies at the University of Essex..

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