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The Talent
31st May 2023 – 1st June 2023

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©Ana Viotti

A woman in a sound booth is talking. She is talking to herself. She is talking to you. She is talking to everyone. She is gifted, professional, mercurial; it seems as if she can summon almost any kind of voice and create any kind of world.

She is selling you something
She is telling you a story
She sounds like a cereal ad
She sounds like a cartoon
She sounds like a meditation tape
She sounds like a shapeshifter
She sounds like the ocean

You would listen to her say anything. Her voice is all around. Her voice is all there is. Her voice is all that’s left. She conjures her own ghost in real time.

The Talent is a new show by Action Hero and Deborah Pearson about the legacy of the human voice in a non-human future.

About Action Hero

Action Hero return to HOME following their double-bill of productions ‘Slap Talk’ and ‘Extraordinary Rendition’ in 2018. Action Hero is the collaboration between artists Gemma Paintin and James Stenhouse. Together they create artworks that expand across multiple creative practices: performance, installation, sound, digital practice and work for public space. Their ongoing interests lie in the iconography of popular culture and its use; both as a weapon and as a shared cultural memory and the languages/texts that are used to talk about these shared spaces. They’ve toured productions to over 40 countries across 5 continents.

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