The Starter Kit at Contact Theatre

The Starter Kit
Contact Theatre
4th November 2020 – 7th November 2020

Prices from £5.00 to £10.00

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The Starter Kit

Want to join ‘the movement’ but not sure where to start? Join Contact Young Company to investigate the ins and outs of social movements, and the tools you need to re-imagine the future.

Contact Young Company are working with artists Amy Vreeke, Keisha Thompson and Javaad Alipoor to create a new piece of interactive, digital work that is decidedly frisky!

You’ll have the opportunity to create your own toolkit as you watch. What will you put in yours?

Social movements are fast-moving, ever-evolving spaces. Much like those movements, The Starter Kit has been growing and changing throughout the time CYC have been working on it. It might even change mid-performance!

Booking closes 24 hours before the show starts. You will receive a link to take part in the show via email. Please check your inboxes, including junk/spam email, for this.

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