The Nancy Rothwell Award at The Whitworth

The Nancy Rothwell Award
The Whitworth
8th October 2021 – 9th January 2022

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Jellyfish illustrations part of the The Nancy Rothwell Award

The Nancy Rothwell Award has encouraged and celebrated biological specimen drawing since 2014 – promoting the value of observation, creativity and artistry in science learning and discovery. The competition is an invitation to school students to explore the practice of recording and describing specimens through art.

From anglerfish to zebra, from volvox to tyrannosaurus rex, the competition entries depict the diversity of the natural world using a variety of media, including pencil, paint and digital art.

The competition is organised by the Royal Society of Biology and is named after the Society’s first President, Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, who is a strong advocate for bringing art and science together.

In this display at the Whitworth, you will find the winning and shortlisted pieces from among the 727 entries in the 2021 competition, and the winner of the new Manchester Medal category.

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