The Hallé – Brahms’s Symphony No.3 at The Bridgewater Hall

The Hallé – Brahms’s Symphony No.3
The Bridgewater Hall
9th October 2021

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The Hallé - Brahms's Symphony No.3

Haydn – Symphony No.64, ‘Tempora mutantur’
Stravinsky – Symphony of Psalms
Brahms – Symphony No.3

Sir Mark Elder

Matthew Hamilton, Hallé Choral Director
Hallé Choir

To celebrate its first concert appearance since February 2020, the Hallé Choir takes pride of place in Stravinsky’s striking Symphony of Psalms. Begun ‘in a state of religious and musical ebullience,’ the composer wrote, it culminates with both ‘a vision of Elijah’s chariot’ and the serene alleluias of the heavenly host. Sir Mark opens the concert with a Haydn symphony whose beautiful character and intriguing title Tempora mutantur (‘Times change’) seem, he feels, ‘appropriate for this moment in time’. The Brahms symphonies continue to fascinate Sir Mark for their distinctive, individual characteristics. This exploration of the Third contrasts the ‘intimate tenderness’ of the first three movements with ‘the rugged quality of the finale’, its drama finally quelled in calm resolution.

Tuning up - 6pm in the auditorium The Hallé’s Choral Director, Matthew Hamilton, and members of the choir discuss the Hallé Choir’s journey to performing Stravinsky’s Symphony of Psalms. - Free to concert ticket holders Your safety and well-being The safety and well-being of our audiences and players is the Hallé and The Bridgewater Hall’s first concern. In keeping with Government expectations and recommendations, we are strongly advising everyone to continue to wear face coverings, where possible. The Hall will continue its thorough cleaning regime between performances, and we expect hand sanitizer to continue to be widely available. We urge you to consult The Bridgewater Hall website which has full and regularly updated details. Security Patrons should note the measures in place for admission to The Bridgewater Hall.

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