Visual Arts

The Fire Garden at Homeground

The Fire Garden
22nd October 2021 – 23rd October 2021

Get here sustainably
Audiences enjoying Walk The Plank's Fire Garden

22nd & 23rd Oct, 6-10pm (last entry 9.30pm), free, no booking required

Primal and mesmerising, this collection of handcrafted fire sculptures turns an empty lot close to HOME into an otherworldly landscape of flame-lined paths, shimmering shapes and heat. Award-winning pioneers of outdoor art Walk the Plank collaborate with HOME to bring The Fire Garden to the former site of Homeground, enlivening the evening darkness and inviting you to wander around its organic geography – or stand still and enjoy the warmth. Specially adapted to this open space along the Oxford Road Corridor, a blank expanse becomes a place of wonder.



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