The Family Vogue Ball at Contact Theatre

The Family Vogue Ball
Contact Theatre
13th February 2022

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The Family Vogue Ball

Welcome to The Family Vogue Ball! Part theatre show, part vogue ball: glamour, glitz and grace come together in a fabulous celebration of self-expression as four houses go head to head in an epic vogue ball for all the family.

A performer from each house will catwalk, dance and lip-sync to be crowned by you the audience, the ultimate house with our interactive event where the audience decides the winner.

Whether you just want to join in the fun or have a passion to pose, come along and show off your own magnificence by dressing up and help crown the winning house!

“A family vogue ball is a vital space for gay, trans, non-conforming and questioning young people to see positive, celebratory representations of themselves. Nothing else comes close to its outright celebration of fashion, music, dance, individuality, aspiration and creativity. But it is also an eye-opening and magical experience for all families to explore different identities and ways of being outside of the mainstream, through movement, dance and costume.” – Darren Pritchard, House Mother: House of Ghetto

House of Ghetto Family Vogue Ball

Produced by Switchflicker Productions

Commissioned by Z-arts, Homotopia and Black Gold Arts. Supported by Arts Council England.

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