The Cadillac Three at Manchester Academy

The Cadillac Three
Manchester Academy
27th August 2022

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A vibrant crowd watching a musicians perform at Manchester Academy
© Manchester Academy

The Cadillac Three launched the surprise album TABASCO & SWEET TEA. A science project of sorts, the trio’s chemistry expands with this sonic swirl influenced by The Allman Brothers, James Brown, Waylon Jennings and Queens of the Stone Age commingled with 80’s Funk and Hip Hop production. TC3 has made a modern-meets-nostalgia record that evokes why Rock grooves eventually took over to become the mainstream and are still a critical ingredient in anything considered badass. There is something boisterous, yet good-natured about TABASCO & SWEET TEA that creates a freewheeling vibe stemming from skilled song craft and memorable instrumentation.

The Cadillac Three interweave traditions of American popular music, proving that new can still feel classic without being derivative yet simultaneously casting a vision for good times ahead.

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