Soundwalking: Designing and Incorporating Sound into Urban Design at School of Digital Arts (SODA)

Soundwalking: Designing and Incorporating Sound into Urban Design
School of Digital Arts (SODA)
16th November 2022

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If you’re involved in urban design, how do you connect with the sound environment in a meaningful way? How do you develop a better understanding of an existing soundscape, or blend an existing soundscape with your own design ideas to create better spaces?

‘Soundwalking’ is a vital research method and arts practice that can transform your work. Join SODA for a workshop and a soundwalk round the university campus and Oxford Road to learn more about the impact of design on local sound environments, and the importance of acoustic considerations when planning and designing spaces. SODA’s academic experts in urban soundscapes will guide you through a fascinating aspect of planning, design, and creating better sounding cities.

At this fascinating event you’ll have an indoors workshop and an outdoors soundwalk. You’ll get first-hand experience of the variety and impact of sound in the local area, and learn about blending the existing landscape with new planning and design ideas to create a better sense of place.

This is a broad appeal event for architects, urban planners, developers, acoustic consultants, and more. Dress for the weather and get the most from this opportunity to experience and learn about how we can understand and improve our living and working environments.


Dr Neil Spencer Bruce, SODA

Neil is a sound artist, designer, and composer whose range of innovative works extends from sound installations and soundscape simulators to films, computer games, and music. He specialises in creating immersive sound-worlds, drawing from environmental sound and field recording practices, creating sonic content for film, television, games, apps, audio brands, installations, VR, AR and public spaces. He is a lecturer in Sound Design at SODA and runs The Sound Consultancy. He holds a PhD in Soundscapes and an MSc in Signal Processing.


  • 5.00pm – Meet at SODA for an introduction to soundscape and urban design
  • 5.45pm – A guided 45 minute soundwalk around Oxford Road and the MMU campus
  • 6.30pm – Return to SODA. Refreshments.
  • 6.45pm – Q&A session and group discussion
  • 7.30pm – Networking and close.

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