Slip.Stream.Slip at Modal Gallery

Modal Gallery

Mon-Fri: 12pm – 5pm

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A still from Rachel Maclean's I’m Terribly Sorry part of Slip.Stream.Slip
Rachel Maclean's I’m Terribly Sorry

Slip.Stream.Slip is a new exhibition featuring nine international artists that celebrates game engine culture and how our relationship to images, sounds and interactivity has been transformed by technologies such as the Unity and Unreal engines.

The inaugural exhibition at Modal gallery focuses on game engine culture and the shift toward gamification as a model for understanding our lived experiences. Slippage between real life and simulated worlds has reinforced a lexicon of competition, changing our relationship to social interaction, media production, and time and space.

The game engine sits behind processes that go beyond creative production into healthcare and manufacturing, cementing its place as the central authoring tool of our time. Slip.Stream.Slip explores the tensions and contested spaces that open up when the micro politics of everyday living meet complex, simulated worlds.

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