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Salaam Festival
19th July 2022 – 24th July 2022

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Salaam Festival will debut from 20 – 25 July as an artist and community-led festival presenting new works from across the spectrum of performing arts, visual arts and culture. The festival brings together internationally-renowned artists from different art forms and backgrounds to create relevant, innovative and progressive new work, accessible to new and existing audiences across Manchester and the World.

This year’s festival will debut five new commissions, including a brand new composition based on poet Mohammed Iqbal’s work, an installation by Jameel Prize nominated artist Sofia Karim and an immersive opening ceremony with award-winning chef Anissa Helou. It will also feature five nights of music at venues across the city centre, free programming in the ‘Medina’ – the festival hub, and a series of daily conversations called ‘Sohbet’.

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