Rob Delaney: A Heart That Works at Royal Northern College of Music

Rob Delaney: A Heart That Works
Royal Northern College of Music
19th October 2022

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Headshot of actor Rob Delaney

My son Henry’s illness and death put our family through the shredder. I hope our story can shine a little light into some very dark corners.’ In 2016, Rob Delaney’s one-year-old son Henry was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Two years later Henry died, and his family watched their world fall away to reveal the things that matter most. In a special in conversation, Rob will talk about his devastating memoir of love and grief, A Heart that Works, the life and death of his son Henry, his passion for the NHS and free healthcare, the joys of comedy, acting, writing, and the love that underpins it all.

Rob Delaney is an American actor, comedian & writer based in London. He is widely known as the BAFTA-winning co-creator and co-star of the critically acclaimed comedy Catastrophe. A North West exclusive presented in partnership with Waterstones.

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