Rimzee at The Deaf Institute


Hailing from Upper Clapton, Hackney, Rimzee is an artist known for depicting a life of luxury through his creative wordplay and highlighting his life struggles through vivid storytelling and carefully structured lyrics.

He made his debut in the U.K. rap scene in 2010 with a series of hot freestyles and hits such as “2010 Freestyle”, “Here I Am”, “Keep Stackin”, and “Everyday Remix”, all of which created a buzz and secured millions of views on YouTube. His first mixtape, The Upper Clapton Dream, was released in 2012 and contained 17 songs that narrate his experiences of growing up in Hackney. Using his lyrical ability to touch on a variety of hard-hitting subjects, from poverty to profound aspirations. This project has built him a solid base who hear him at his rawest. A mixtape that boasts longevity, culture, and U.K. rap history.

His most recent project is Upper Dream 2, containing 13 songs released in 2020, which is a continuation of his vision in 2012. This mixtape has been highly anticipated for the past eight years and has widened his fan base. Rimzee’s refreshing maturity gives us a developed and polished sound beyond his years. Yet this mixtape remains up-to-date with the popular sounds dominating the current music scene. Rimzee embodies an undeniably more profound vision than rap, and his music reflects that authenticity.

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