Reclaim the Night at The University of Manchester Students' Union

Reclaim the Night
The University of Manchester Students' Union
29th November 2023

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Activist with megaphone at Reclaim The Night

Reclaim the Night is The University of Manchester’s Student’s Union’s annual campaign against sexual harassment and gender-based violence. Each year, they take the streets to march for an end to sexual violence and ensure safety and autonomy for all women and marginalised genders in Manchester.

As well as marching for an end to gender-based violence and sexual harassment, the Student’s Union will be holding a series of events to fundraise and raise awareness for the campaign and the issues it focuses on. On Wednesday, 11th October, Hitch Marketing is running a focus group to help evaluate a recent campaign to help tackle gender-based violence. Everyone attending the focus group will receive a £40 voucher as a thank you for their time. You can sign up here.

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