Reclaim the Night at The University of Manchester Students' Union

Reclaim the Night
The University of Manchester Students' Union
22nd March 2022

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Reclaim the Night

Organised by The University of Manchester’s Student’s Union, Reclaim the Night begins at Owens Park at 6.30pm with a March down Oxford Road to the Student Union.

Reclaim the Night is an annual demonstration against sexual harassment and gender-based violence. Every year people take to the streets to march for an end to violence against women and the right to feel safe on our streets at night.

We will be marching down Oxford Road to the Students Union where we will be holding a short rally.

This year has shown, more than ever, the importance of continuing the fight against gendered violence. The brutal murders of Sarah Everard, Sabina Nessa and Ashling Murphy should have forced our society to address the epidemic of male violence in this country. Sadly, they are just a few of over a hundred women who have been killed by men in the past year.


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