Pool Arts: Random Acts of Kindness at HOME

Pool Arts: Random Acts of Kindness
29th July 2022 – 24th September 2022

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Random Acts of Kindness presents a wide range of mixed media work including painting, drawing, collage, assemblage, installation and more across a range of artistic focus, from the concrete to the abstract.

This variety represents the uniqueness of each artist involved in Pool Arts whilst the shared themes of abstraction of thought and colour are apparent, the most unifying part of the collective is their absolute support of one another, and their intention to make positive with the artwork they create.

Exhibiting artists: I. Baron, Annette Ebanks, Rachael Field, Roger Howard, Akinyemi Oludele, Simon Mawdsley, Paul Richards, Alan S, Dave Ward-Speers, Pam Ward-Speers and Nick Telfer.

Pool Arts is a collective of multidisciplinary artists based in Manchester.

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