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Pint of Science at The Old Abbey Taphouse

Pint of Science
The Old Abbey Taphouse
22nd May 2023 – 24th May 2023

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Pint of Science, the world’s largest festival of public science talks, returns with nearly 90 scientists taking to stages across Manchester.

From 22-24 May, the Pint of Science festival will simultaneously bring thousands of scientists and their research out of the lab and into pubs, cafes and community halls around the UK. The three-day festival has grown astronomically since its inception, and 2023 will see its tenth anniversary with events in over 25 countries and hundreds of cities around the world. Each night will provide a unique lineup of talks, demonstrations and live experiments held in a relaxed and informal environment.

Manchester researchers will be speaking at 9 venues across the city, including the Old Abbey Taphouse here on the Oxford Road Corridor.

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education Written in the Stars: The Story of the Universe
The Old Abbey Taphouse | 22 May 2023

Join Manchester’s finest Astrophysicists for an evening of wonder as they explain all this and more, in the story of the Universe!

Part of Pint of Science

education Nanoworld: Small Science, Big Possibilities
The Old Abbey Taphouse | 23 May 2023

Listen to scientists explore the nanoworld, discussing the applications of graphene and other 2D materials. The tiniest wonders await.

Part of Pint of Science

education Is Anybody Out There?
The Old Abbey Taphouse | 24 May 2023

Join Pint of Science to discover the different ways Manchester’s researchers are searching for extraterrestrial life!

Part of Pint of Science

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