Pillock at Contact

17th July 2024 – 18th July 2024

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Pillock has ADHD. His brain works faster than his bowel when he’s had a Babybel. And he’s lactose intolerant. He’s trying to keep his head above water, but he’s drowning in loneliness, hook-up culture and medical role plays. He feels stagnant and it’s going to take more than a yoga class to help. But, when he meets Eugene everything changes. His shot at the sort of love people run through airports for. But will he be Mr Right, Mr Right Now or even Mr Wrong? Pillock wants to trust his gut, but his can’t even handle a Muller Corner.

Production Credits

Written and performed by Jordan Tweddle

Directed by Scott Le Crass

Movement Direction by Kieran Sheehan

Sound Design by Pierre Flasse

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