Phoebe Frances Brown: The Glad Game at Contact Theatre

Phoebe Frances Brown: The Glad Game
Contact Theatre
16th March 2022 – 17th March 2022

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Phoebe Frances Brown: The Glad Game

“You don’t have to do much to be an actor; just to be able speak and remember lines. Two very basic things”

Phoebe Frances Brown is an actor. From her childhood impressions of Dolly Parton to grown-up roles at The National Theatre, The Donmar Warehouse and New York Theatre Workshop, acting has defined who and what she is.

In November 2018 Phoebe was diagnosed with an incurable cancer in the area of her brain that controls speech, language and memory. You can learn more about Pheobe’s diagnosis here.

The Glad Game is the story of finding herself in the bleakest of times, of discovering gladness in the saddest of moments and about how who and what you love can pull you through.

The Glad Game is Co-Produced by Nottingham Playhouse and Pippa Frith, Sound Design by Iain Armstrong, supported by Arts Council England, Television Workshop, The Bush and Leicester Curve. Our charity partners are Brain Tumour Research.

Written and performed by Phoebe Frances Brown

Directed by Tessa Walker

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